15 Types Of Hairstyles And What They Mean

Your hair is your crowning glory. It also says a lot about your personality!


We’ve known for a while that women’s hair is not only their crowning glory, it’s also an extension of their habits and even beyond that, their personality. That’s why every type of hairstyle reveals something about that particular person’s quirks and traits. Here are some of them. Check your own hairstyle out below and see if you agree!

1. If you’re a natural redhead, chances are you’re fun and carefree.

2. If you have curly hair, not only do you possess a warm, vibrant personality, you also tend to do things faster than most people.

3. If you have a wavy hair like Shakira’s, you may be as innovative and creative as her!

4. Kim K’s thick hair signifies hard work and willpower. If you have hair like this, then you probably possess both!

5. Do you have straight hair but curl it? This may mean that you’re craving for more fun and adventure in your life!

6. On the other hand, if you’re like Taylor Swift who has curly hair but is constantly straightened, this may mean you feel your life is too chaotic and needs to be sorted out.

7. If you have a wash-and-go type of hair, it means you’re a critical thinker and value logic above all else.

8. If you have long hair, it means you’re in a good place in your life and in touch with your inner center.

9. If you have short hair like Miley’s, this means that you’re carefree and don’t want to fuss about tiny things in life such as hair.

10. If you have a hair that is very difficult to maintain, then this may mean you’re too critical of yourself and tend to engage in drama.

11. If you go for that “don’t-care-about-my-hair” look then it means you put other people’s needs in front of others.

12. If you’re like Natalie Portman and courageous enough to go bald, this means that you’re passionate about life and full of confidence and energy.

13. If you have unconventional haircut like Rihanna’s, this means you have made it your mission to stand out in the crowd.

14. If you have the kind of hairstyle below, this means you’re a go-getter and would like to get things done quickly and to the point.

15. If you prefer a voluminous, layered look, chances are you’re a perfectionist.

(H/T: cosmopolitan.com)

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