10 Habits to Develop for a More Positive Attitude


Having a positive attitude is not something that you can learn overnight – it takes years upon years of practice. It takes an active development of certain quirks and habits so that they become part of your routine. A positive attitude isn’t something you can turn on or off. It’s something that you need to possess all the time!

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To develop a more positive attitude, here are 10 incredibly simple habits that you can inculcate in you:

1. Keep a gratitude journal.

Sometimes it’s not enough to say you’re thankful for things happening in your life. To have a tangible, written record of the things you’re truly grateful for, keep a “gratitude” journal and write there. Science has proven that acknowledging the things you’re grateful for in this manner will not only help you become a better person, but a happier one.

2. “Re-frame” the challenges you face.

If you’re trying to overcome a challenge and somehow feel that it’s too much for you, try to “re-frame” it. Fully embrace its difficult and mentally don’t give up on it. Even if you fail, at least you tried to accomplish something and never backed down. Your failure now becomes your “experience”, your “lesson learned”.

3. Learn to accept rejection more gracefully.

Rejection is a part of life. It’s inevitable, you will at a certain point in your life get rejected. You probably already have been rejected. The key is to accept rejection more gracefully and to bounce back from such a rejection stronger than ever before. Don’t let rejections and failures defeat your spirit.

4. Use positive words instead of mean, demoralizing ones.

Your language dictates your life, as some would say. Words have this power that none of us really contemplate on. If you use demeaning, demoralizing language, chances are you will frame your thoughts and ideas using these defeatist words. But if you use positive words, your opinions and ideas will come out positively, no matter what they are.

5. Replace “have” with “get”.

Learn to appreciate the blessings that you have rather than complain about your responsibilities. To do that, simply replace “have” with “get” in some of your sentences. “I have to pay the bills.” “I have to get to school.” “I have to shop for food.” Listen to how whiny they are. But when you replace have with get, they become much more grateful-sounding. “I GET to pay the bills!” “I GET to go to school!” “I GET to shop for food!” Sounds better, right?

6. Don’t join in the “complaining” party.

Let’s face it – people love to complain. They love to complain about their boss, about their life, about the uselessness of their work. Don’t give in. Don’t fall into the trap of joining the “complaining party”. Just listen to their complaints, lend an attentive ear, but keep your own frustrations to yourself.

7. Breathe.

Of course we will all always breathe, that’s literally a necessity for survival. But by this we mean that sometimes we get too caught up in so much work and responsibility that we forget to take a break sometimes and just breathe and be in the moment. BREATHE. Relax. Enjoy life!

8. Notice the good people in times of tragedy.

When a tragedy, an accident, or a crime strikes, we always are mindful of the perpetrators, of the criminals, of the suspects and why they did the awful things they do. But that’s simply a waste of time and energy. Think instead of the victims, the people who were unfortunately affected by the situation, and the heroes who helped the oppressed and the affected. These are the good people we need to acknowledge during times of tragedy!

9. Before you point out a problem, think of the solution first.

It’s easy to point out the problem in any given situation, and sometimes it’s good to mention it. But before you do, make sure that you already have a solution in hand so that if someone asks you to come up with a better solution, you can confidently provide one. If you don’t have such a solution, then better shut up.

10. Make other people smile.

The point of life is to make other people happy! If you can make someone else smile because of a joke that you said or something thoughtful that you did, then you can already consider your day a great one.

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