How to Develop a Mindset of Growth in 17 Ways


According to psychologists, there are two kinds of mindsets: the fixed mindset, and the growth mindset. The fixed mindset is not comfortable with change or progress; rather, it relies heavily on stability, consistency and predictability. It expects everything to work and to run smoothly.

However, in real life nothing is ever truly smooth. Impermanence and change are inevitable. And as such, the growth mindset always prevails because it always takes into account these changes. How do you develop a mindset of growth? Here are 17 ways to do it:

1. Never stop learning. Set a new goal for every one you accomplished.

2. Acknowledge and embrace your weaknesses.

3. Learn to give and receive constructive criticism.

4. Cultivate a sense of purpose.

5. Reflect on your learning daily.

6. Reward effort and actions, not traits.

7. Need for improvement does not mean failure.

8. View challenges as opportunities to improve.

9. Learn from the mistakes of others.

10. Cultivate grit.

11. Choose learning well over learning fast.

12. Think of learning as “brain training”.

13. Know your learning style and use the right learning strategies.

14. Focus on the process instead of the end result.

15. Remember that the brain has the ability to change throughout life.

16. Remember that it takes time to learn.

17. Prioritize learning over seeking approval.


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