28 Instances of Good People Making Others Feel Good


We should like to think that humans are inherently good and innocent. And it’s apparent now more than ever with social media. People will go out of their way to make people feel a little bit better about whatever situation they’re in.

These 28 photos will tell you stories of genuine kind-heartedness and innocence:

1. It’s important to make a good first impression:

2. When your neighbors make you feel happy for being a public nuisance:

3. These girls know how to have fun and respect the elderly:

4. Alpacas are simply the best:

5. A man is a dog’s bestfriend:


6. Have you ever liked someone so much, you made food in their image?

7. Smoothest pick-up technique right now:

8. This daddy helping his daughter achieve her dreams:

9. Most people should start having this sentiment about sporting contests:

10. When your friends know exactly what you want for your birthday:

11. The most glowing review about a tripod:

12. One of life’s greatest journeys:

13. Wish more mainstream media could report on something like this:

14. Keeping up with your namesake:

15. Conflict resolution among felines:

16. Be somebody’s Ben:

17. Damn, nice jeans!

18. New York City at its finest:

19. You’re gonna have to pet your dog for a long time buddy…

20. Never judge introverts without getting to know them first:

21. When your friend needs sweatpants, you willingly take off your own:

22. This guy being cheesy AF:

23. When your friends become your lighting directors:

24. Blessed be Kanye West:

25. The miracle baby:

26. Mommy receiving bad news:

27. “Cool dad”:

28. Obama having the time of his life:

(H/T: buzzfeed.com)

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