French Comic Artist Beautifully Paints All Of The 2017 NBA Playoffs

French artist Asur Misoa has done it again!


French Artist Asur Misoa from Asur Illustrations has started a tradition back in 2015 that NBA fans all over the world have been looking forward to every year since then: she has drawn, quite artistically, all of the matchups of the NBA playoffs, starting from the first round, to the conference finals, and up to the grand finals.

The way she does it is quite interesting: she interprets the names of the teams quite literally in figuring out how to depict them. For example, she has painted saxophones to represent the Utah Jazz fighting a Clipper, a type of medieval ship. Also to depict Wizards vs. Falcons, she drew a Gandalf-like figure fighting a very large Falcon.

The art is top-notch and the interpretations are quite excellent.. Here they are from the first round up to the Warriors-Cavaliers grand finals!

First Round

Rockets vs. Thunder

Trail Blazers vs. Warriors

Spurs vs. Grizzlies

Jazz vs. Clippers

Wizards vs. Falcons

Raptors vs. Bucks

Cavaliers vs. Pacers

Celtics vs. Bulls

Second Round

Spurs vs. Rockets

Raptors vs. Cavaliers

Celtics vs. Wizards

Jazz vs. Warriors

Conference Finals

Cavaliers vs. Celtics

Warriors vs. Spurs

NBA 2017 Finals – Cavaliers vs. Warriors



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