Your Foot’s Shape Reveals Something About Your Behavior


Not all feet are created equal. There are people with big feet, people with small feet, people with crooked feet – the list goes on and on!

But did you know that feet are actually shaped into four major types? And these types always tell us something about someone’s personality! What you need to do is look at any of your two feet and compare with the images above. Determine if your foot is shaped like number 1, 2, 3 or 4. And then read the description of whatever number matches your own below:

1. The Roman foot

– The most common foot type, toes are proportionate and straight
– Very outgoing; loves to go on adventures
– Sociable and extroverted, wants to spend time among friends in big crowds
– Charismatic and charming, and never one to shy away from a challenge
– Can be great public speakers, orators, or businessmen / businesswomen

2. The Square Foot

– Called so because the foot resembles a square with all toes nearly identical in length
– People who have this foot type tend to be calm, cool and collected
– Have great decision-making skills, because of their calculating demeanor
– Very reliable, very practical
– Has a lot of real-world skills

3. The Greek Foot

– People with the Greek foot are highly enthusiastic, they almost never run out of energy
– They are great motivators, they strive to make people feel better and do better
– Totally optimistic to a fault
– Creative and artistic
– Has a potential to be an artist, an athlete, or an innovator in his/her field of choice

4. The Stretched Foot

– These feet have a rather thin appearance, due to the fact that all the toes seem “squished” together
– Values privacy and discretion
– Tend to be very careful with their words, meticulous with their craft
– Has an impeccable sense of design and attention to detail
– Very reserved and secretive
– They can be a bit moody at times and impulsive with their decisions

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