Flight Attendants Don’t Drink Their Own Hot Coffee and Tea In Flights, and Here’s Why

You might want to reconsider drinking hot coffee when you're airborne...

Glass of water on airplane tray table by window

There’s a dirty little secret that most airline companies don’t want you to know…


Are you aware that most flight attendants avoid drinking hot beverages on airplanes?


Tea, coffee, water, whatever it is – if it’s hot, they tend to not drink it.


And what’s wrong with these in-flight hot beverages, exactly? Well, the answer is quite simple…


The water used for tea and coffee on planes comes from tap, and not a bottle…


And tap water inside airplanes is sort of weird, to say the least. An study of 158 planes found that 13% of these planes had coliform in their water supply.


On top of that, 2 even reportedly had E. coli!


Another study discovered that one in eight planes fail water safety standards.


So, next time you’re in an airplane, better reconsider that hot drink you badly crave!

H/T: time.com

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