This Test About Your Fingers Will Reveal Something Special About You


Take a look at your left hand’s ring finger and little finger, and prop them up like in the photo you’re seeing below. Are they shaped like A, B, or C? Well, whatever the case is, all of these types have something to say about your personality and your behavior! Check them out below

If you’re Type A:

  •  You are kinda introverted, and don’t really open up to people quickly
  • You’re more independent than most people
  •  You are an emotional person and have really deep relationships with the people
  • The one thing you hate the most is dishonesty and hypocrisy
  • You like to help others and know how to empathize well.
  • You like finishing tasks, even if you are not particularly passionate about them.
  •  You have a great sense of humor.
  • You don’t generally interact with people you don’t know, but can carry a good conversation if necessary.

If you’re Type B:

  •  Your loyalty is your greatest asset. You are devoted to people and you give your full attention and care to them
  • However, you don’t really initiate conversations or take the first step towards solving a problem.
  • You are extroverted for the most part but deep down inside you are a sensitive soul.
  • You like playing stupid just so you won’t hurt other people’s feelings.
  • You are very committed, once you set your mind on something, you’ll do your best to finish it until the end.
  • You don’t want to hurt or get hurt. You always keep an unaffected facade, but deep down you know you need others.
  •  You will stay calm even when you are feeling extremely uncomfortable about something.

If you’re Type C:

  • You don’t hold grudges and don’t take time to remember things that anger you.
  • You live for what’s familiar and what’s comfortable. You don’t like dealing with new elements, although you can go with the flow.
  • You are strong-willed, but you are also mindful of other people’s opinions and let them speak their own truths.
  • You can be a bit bossy (at least in other people’s minds, you are) because of your assertive nature, but you always know when to draw the line.
  • You tend to keep problems to yourself and if you think you can solve several issues on your own you tend to not ask for the help of other people.
  •  You are very straightforward and you know very well what you like and dislike. You also like people to be able to trust you and depend on you.
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