Take This Simple Finger Length Test To Learn Something About Yourself

A lot of us believe in hand symbolism and how finger length and hand length play a role in the development of our personalities. This simple test will also show you exactly that!
Above are three hands labeled A, B and C. Notice that they have differing lengths. Your hands can only be one of the three. Now examine your left hand and determineĀ if it’s closer to A, B, or C. After that, you can read the matching descriptions below.

A) The charming but pragmatic one.

– Very charming and very irresistible to many people
– Uses said charm to get ahead or to get out of any situation
– Very extroverted and highly sociable
– Excellent critical thinkers and problem solvers
– Best career options: scientists, engineers, soldiers, puzzle masters

B) The confident, get-it-done type.

– Confident and secure about themselves
– Has a get-it-done personality, focuses on results
– Prefers working alone, can be a bit introverted
– Very goal oriented and don’t like to be disturbed
– Best career options: architects, programmers, specialists

C) The peacenik

– Peace-loving, avoids conflict at all costs
– Well organized and with extremely great managerial skills
– Can get along with everyone
– Faithful in relationships
– Very tender and caring as a partner
– Best career options: counselors, managers, mediators, supervisors

(H/T: higherperspectives.com)

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