Your Favorite Number Reveals Your Most Adorable Trait

Is your fave number 3? 6? Or maybe 0? Whatever it is, it'll tell you something about yourself!


We have 10 single-digit numbers in the modern number system. And I’m sure you have a favorite number among the bunch. Is it 9? Or 7? Or 4? Whatever it is, your favorite number reveals your most adorable trait that people just love about you. Select your fave number and see the results below!

1. Number 1 means you’re LOVABLE. It’s not a lonely number as people would ordinarily suggest because people find you lovely and adorable!

2. If your favorite number is 2, then you’re DIGNIFIED. You hold yourself to high standards and never settle for less. You also have all your hairs in the right place.

3. Number 3 choosers are TRANSCENDENT. It means that you’re already ahead of the curb and people are always playing catch up with you…

4. Is your favorite number the number 4? If so, then you’re FABULOUS! You always bring your A-game fashion-wise and would always help others achieve their best-looking selves.

5. If your fave number is number 5, then you’re EXCITABLE! You’re optimistic, confident, and always excited about life and the things that surround you.

6. Sixers, listen up! Your fave number reveals that you’re DEVIOUS! You’re always pulling off a scheme, a prank, or a masterplan that usually succeeds. You love playing Devil’s Advocate!

7. If your favorite number is 7, then you already know that you’re CALM, COOL and COLLECTED! You make life seem so effortless because of your steely nerves.

8. Number 8 lovers are the most MATURE among the bunch. They’ve already got life figured out and are the ones people turn to for advice.

9. Number 9 pickers are APPROACHABLE! Exuding with friendliness, warmth, and charisma, you know how to make people feel better just by being around them.

10. Zero pickers are CHEERY! They always love small talk, simple jokes, and laughter. Nothing ever fazes them!



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