This Loving Father Interviewed Her Daughter Every First Day Of Class For 12 Years

How do you express love for your children? Kevin Scruggs has figured it out in this moving tribute for her daughter, Mackenzie.


As a father, how do you express to your children exactly how much you love them? You’re expected to be more emotionally reserved than the mother and never expected to be expressive in terms of showing affection.

This loving father broke all kinds of stereotypes by doing something almost “tacky” with her daughter but nonetheless very sweet: everyday since his daughter’s first grade, Kevin Scruggs decided to record a short “first day of class” interview with Mackenzie, asking her how her day went, who she met, and what she’s excited about for the rest of the year. Kevin did this every year without fail, and the final cut was quite beautiful and moving.

In the video (which has now been viewed over a million times), we witness Mackenzie’s growth right before our very eyes, from a happy, jolly 6-year-old to a beautiful, smart high schooler who’s about to enter college.

Kevin decided to release this video just in time for Mackenzie’s graduation, a reminder that her family is always gonna be there for her even if she’ll leave the nest for the next big adventure that is college.

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