10 Reasons Why Fasting Is Simply Good For You

Fasting or the act of skipping meals is the newest health trend... Find out why!


Fasting the act of skipping meals to achieve several goals, such as weight loss… It’s not similar to starvation since starvation is just skipping meals mindlessly, fasting is more thought-out and well-researched. Lately doctors and health practitioners have recommended this habit, and we do too. Here are the 10 great reasons why you should try out fasting:

1. Fasting facilitates in weight loss, obviously… But there are other things that it can do


2. For example, it will help boost your insulin sensitivity, which will allow you to tolerate carbohydrates better…


3. Fasting will also help speed up your metabolism, since your digestive system is getting a well-deserved rest:


4. Those who fast tend to live a LONGER LIFE, according to recent studies:

5. Fasting will help you understand hunger better, and will make you withstand longer hours of no food consumption:

6. Fasting will improve your eating patterns, and will help you to consume less food:


7. Fasting improves your brain’s functions, because it boosts the production of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.)


8. Fasting also improves your immune system, by reducing free radical damage, regulating inflammatory conditions in the body and starving off cancer cell formation:


9. Fasting also contributes to self-enlightenment, and will get you closer towards meditation and similar stuff:


10. Fasting helps you have a better skin, removing acne and clearing the skin in the process through the elimination of radicals:


H/T: lifehack.org

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