11 Facts About Humans That Will Startle You


The human body is a wonderful work of art. It has some properties that will astound even the most intelligent of men. Here are 11 profound facts about the human body that will leave you stunned because of how obvious they are and yet nobody ever thinks of them!

1. You have never seen your face, just reflections of it on mirrors.

2. You actually always see your nose in front of you but your brain chooses to ignore that it exists!

3. Try breathing and swallowing at the same time. Impossible, right? That’s because it is!

4. Try humming while holding your nose, too. 

5. Right now, you’re the oldest that you’ve ever been. Mind blown? How about this: right now, this is the youngest you’ll ever be again!

6. Your right hand has never, EVER touched your right elbow!

7. If you think about your brain, essentially that means that your brain is thinking about itself!

8. I know you’ve heard all the “three men walk into a bar” jokes. But did you realize that everytime someone uses this joke, you imagine the same exact bar?!

9. Your tongue never really rests in your mouth, it actually touches the roof of your mouth most of the time.

10. Say “touch” verbally. Notice that your lips won’t touch when you say that. But say “apart”, and you’ll notice that your lips will actually touch each other!

(H/T: buzzfeed.com)


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