8 Extraordinary Things Happening Today

The world is changing, and people aren't realizing these extraordinary changes happening around them...


The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. And these extraordinary changes are happening at a very fast pace. People are coming to grips with the reality that what we have right now as a human species is unsustainable and needs to be overhauled.

The sad part is, people aren’t even noticing that a monumental transformation is happening to society at large! What are these 8 extraordinary changes? Take a look below…

1. People are starting to question the current employment model of the world, especially since people are tired of working long hours in jobs that they don’t want to do all the while receiving very low pay and with no assurance of job security.


2. Even entrepreneurship as we know it is changing – it’s easy to put up a startup now, but the question really is how to sustain it. Only a few startups really emerge successful, and 90% of entrepreneurs go back to being employees.


3. Collaboration is on the rise. So-called “collaborative economies” are emerging, especially in places where people have realized that “each man for himself” doesn’t work for the long-term.


4. People are finally figuring out what the Internet really is for. It’s the medium for collaboration, connection, and most importantly, revolution. Before, only a handful few had the access to all information – now even the most ordinary citizen can take part!


5. Consumerism is finally breaking off at the seams. People are starting to spend their budget more wisely, and not mindlessly buying the hottest items and the newest trends.


6. Un-schooling is becoming a trend… People are realizing that standards and metrics used by schools will never apply to every individual student, and that education must be specifically tailored to the needs of the learner!


7. People are starting to eat healthy and organic! Studies show that many are going pescetarian, vegetarian, and even vegan!


8. People are now becoming more interested in awakening their spirituality, by getting in touch with nature and doing meditative work.



H/T: huffingtonpost.com / Featured image credit: BBC
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