Everything is Melting in Phoenix, Arizona, Including Cars

This heat wave is getting out of control...


If you’ve ever been to Phoenix, Arizona you know that they have some of the hottest summers all over the world.


And this year was exceptionally, with temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees:

And every year we see the same experiment of people cooking their eggs on the sidewalk just to demonstrate exactly how how it is:

This year it has gotten even worse. Airplanes have literally been stopped from flying because it is terribly hot out there:

And now, some other crazier stuff are occurring. For example, things are literally melting everywhere in Arizona. From street signs…


To traffic posts!

Even this garbage bin is melting without any aid of fire:

This barricade has officially given up:


Poor dogs are also melting all over and getting knocked down on the ground by the heat…

Some pet owners have resorted to using these blue pads to protect their dogs’ feet:

Some are even more creative:


Let’s go back to the stuff that’s melting all over Arizona:

How rubbery were those tires?!


Proof that Phoenix has officially turned into an oven: you can bake your cookie on the hood of your car!


Pancakes, anyone?  

Even cacti can’t take the heat anymore!

H/T: lifebuzz.com

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