Here’s What Happens to Your Body if You Eat 3 Eggs Daily


Eggs have gotten a bad rep in the modern health landscape because it is purported to increase cholesterol levels in the body. This has scared a lot of people away from consuming eggs daily. But not only do you need to consume eggs, it’s better for you to eat three eggs every day! We list down the main reasons why this superfood is a must-have in your daily diet:

1. Eggs can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Contrary to popular belief, consumption of eggs don’t contribute to cholesterol in the body. In fact, if you eat eggs constantly, LDL cholesterol concentration could be greatly reduced, which is the particle that drives heart risk through the roof.

2. Eggs are an excellent source of Vitamin A and B.

It’s not a secret that eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. It’s like a superfood as long as you consume it properly. If you eat the egg yolk, for example, you will consume copious amounts of Vitamins A and B. Vitamin A is necessary for our bodily growth and development, while Vitamin B is essential to keep our vital functions in tip-top shape.

3. Additionally, eggs can provide you with Vitamins D and E.

Vitamin E in eggs can reduce the risk of catching a heart disease or acquiring many forms of cancers. In the meanwhile, Vitamin D promotes better bone health and the faster absorption of nutrients.

4. Plus iodine… And phosphorus… And antioxidants…

Eggs really are a haven of nutrients. Aside from the essential vitamins, you also get a dash of iodine, which helps with thyroid functions, phosphorus (for health bones and teeth) and lastly, antioxidants, which promotes better eyesight and eye protection.

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