17 Photos Of People So Drunk They Nearly Looked Dead


Things get crazy when people get drunk. We slur our speech, we do insane stuff, and we forget to lie down in appropriate places after a huge hangover. In fact, drunkards have been found in the weirdest places after a hangover that people thought they were already dead!

1. Have you ever been so drunk you woke up floating on a dirty river with the police mistaking you for a dead person?

This guy definitely has: (mirror.co.uk)

2. Oh nothing Mr. Officer, I’m just lying down to take shade, I’m not drunk or dead or anything like that:



3. A unique kind of coffin:

4. Some necks were broken the night before:

5. These two babes didn’t die, although they may have consensually gone to heaven:

6. This suspiciously looks like a crime scene but no this dude isn’t dead yet, just REALLY drunk:

7. Again, his pose may convince you that he’s already passed away but no, he just passed out:

8. This resembles a crime scene but if you look closely it’s just a prank on a drunk guy:

9. They’re not dead, even if the energy drinks they’re carrying may suggest otherwise:

10. You would think he died, but the Jack Daniels on his side will disprove your hunch:

11. They’re not mourning their friend wearing the red shirt, but their poor life choices:

12. Definitely looks dangerous but they’re just hungover:

13. They’re spilling beer, not blood:

14. Without context you would really think something bad happened but not it’s just an aftermath of a party:


15. Few questions: why is that tiny tree there? Why is his pants hanging low? How did this photo happen?


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