24 Quick Ways To Deal With Stress


Having trouble at work today? Stuff going on at home? Is your romantic relationship on the rocks? Well, you’re not alone — everywhere in the world people have to deal with different kinds of stressful situations. The problems may be different, but the stress that arises from them is universal.

The solution to dealing with stress also varies from person to person — however, there’s a surefire way to reduce stress, and it’s to prepare yourself for it! Here are 24 quick ways you can deal with stress even before they arrive:

1. Start waking up earlier.

2. Prepare for the morning the night before.

3. Wear more comfortable clothes.

4. Avoid relying on substance aids.

5. Keep an agenda. Whether you use your phone or keep a physical planner is up to you.

6. Check your agenda often.

7. Say “no” more often.

8. Evaluate your priorities.

9. Fix or abandon toxic relationships.

10. Manage your time well.

11. Focus on what you can control.

12. Read a book.

13. Watch a funny movie or TV show.

14. Talk to someone you trust about your feelings.

15. Write in a journal.

16. Have a bubble bath.

17. Cook yourself a healthy meal.

18. Make time to exercise.

19. Pursue a passion project.

20. Spend time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

21. Be extra kind to the people around you.

22. Take a break from social media.

23. Let go of the past.

24. Smile!

H/T: styleofchange.net

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