11 People Who Are Living On The Edge

Would you fill up coke in a water cup in front of a cop? Guess not...


So everyone is pouring different drinks on their water cups while fearlessly staring down at cops who are nearby, and sharing to the Internet their story of courage, strength and valor. We really don’t need to hype this up, anymore, just look at these amazing tweets yourself!

1. This girl is fearless!


2. Dude, why did you have to be so savage?!


3. F the police, coming straight from the underground


4. Never be afraid of la polizia yo!!


5. Balls of steel on this man!


6. This girl just showed the cop who’s the real boss!


7. Cop is #shookt!!


8. Justin is wildin’ that’s fosho


9. Never stop peakin bro!!


10. #WorthIt!


11. You do you, Syd!


H/T: buzzfeed.com


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