25 Ways You Can Be Irresistibly Charming To others


You know how there are people who simply ooze charm?¬†They are those who effortlessly can endear people to them, just by being there and being themselves! Well, you’d think it doesn’t require effort, but it actually does require A LOT of it. To be irresistibly charming to others, you must build this simple habits and incorporate them in your life:

1. Make an effort to remember names.

2. Practice good etiquette.

3. Listen earnestly when others speak.

4. Sit up straight.

5. Walk with confidence and your head held high.

6. Smile at others!

7. Say please and thank you.

8. Don’t complain in public.

9. Respond thoughtfully in conversation.

10. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact.

11. Have a positive attitude.

12. Keep an open mind.

13. Don’t be quick to judge.

14. Express genuine interest in others.

15. Be open with your praises.

16. Keep your friends close.

17. Treat your enemies with respect.

18. Exhibit curiosity.

19. Don’t take people for granted.

20. Be honest with others.

21. Make others feel comfortable.

22. Take responsibility for your mistakes.

23. Be generous with others.

24. Make sure you are always on time.

25. Be comfortable in your own skin.


H/T: strangecharmed.com

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