9 Simple Techniques To Be More Charming Around Others

Want to be more charming around others? Follow our nifty guide...


Being charming around others isn’t something that comes naturally to a lot of people – it’s either you have it or you don’t. The problem is in this modern world where social connections are everything, it’s a huge advantage to have a charming and upbeat personality that can change the aura of a room in a second.

Do you want to improve on your people skills and be more charming around others? It’s not easy work, but here are 9 simple techniques that you need to learn today so you can improve on your “charm factor” even just for a little bit:

1. Don’t be afraid to lose. Charming people don’t try to win at everything, just that they’re never afraid to try.

(Supernatural, The WB)

2. Be sincere in showing others that you’re glad to meet them. First impressions always last, as they say. If you show genuine interest in having met them, this will leave a lasting impression in their mind.

(Friends, NBC)

3. Always look for that moment of “connection”. Whether it’s a shared hobby, or a similar opinion on a particular topic, people always want to feel as though they’ve connected with others. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with them all the time, however.

(The Big Bang Theory, CBS)

4. Know when to strategically “touch” someone. The actual physical act of touching could be a powerful tool in your arsenal of charm if you use it properly. Try to express strong emotions of sadness, empathy, happiness by touching them at safe parts of their body. A gently tap on the shoulder or a high-five will always do the trick.

(Monsters, Inc., Pixar)

5. Use facial expressions and body language wisely. This can be quite hard to learn, but people appreciate others who can express their emotions through their face quite accurately. If you’re happy, be aware of what your face looks like – it should be reflective of the happiness that you feel inside.

(The Age of Adaline, Lakeshore Entertainment)

6. Don’t be afraid to look silly. People prefer those who are not stuck up and don’t think about themselves too highly or too seriously. Use self-deprecating humor to your advantage! Be silly. Do slapstick jokes at your expense.

7. Learn how to ask good questions. A good measure of being “charming” is if you’re able to make others open up about themselves a little more. Asking the right questions about other people shows that you’re interested in learning more about them.

(Titanic, 20th Century Fox)

8. Don’t forget to remember names. Names are a critical part of building relationships with others, and if you frequently forget people’s names they will immediately lose respect for you. So try using memory techniques like associating a person’s name with a thing or a sound.


9. Talk less, listen more. This is the key component to being charming. Not talking about yourself and being the center of the conversation, but by letting others shine through listening to them more.

(New Girl, ABC)

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