10 Celebrities Who Gave Up On Celebrity For A Normal Life

Would you give up fame and celebrity for some peace and quiet?


In this highly media-saturated world, being a widely-known superstar is the pinnacle of success. Most of us would die for such a level of achievement!

But for some of these people, fame has been more of a bane to them than a gift. Here are 10 celebrities who gave up on celebrity and fame and chose a normal, ordinary life instead:

1. Kevin Jonas, member of the multi-platinum band Jonas Brothers, chose to leave that kind of success and became an entrepreneur instead:


2. Steven Anthony Lawrence played the annoying character “Beans” on the hit Disney show “Even Stevens”. Lately he has been seen working as one of Santa’s Helpers in a downtown mall.


3. Jon Gosselin, at the height of his success, was so huge. He starred alongside his then wife Kate in the reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. His life took a sudden turn for the worst after he divorced Kate in 2009.


4. Remember this fantastic woman? This is Susan Boyle, grand winner of the famous TV Show “Britain’s Got Talent”. The world went absolutely crazy for her stunning voice. But she was very suspicious of her fame, however, and decided to step back a little bit from the limelight.


5. Jonathan Taylor Thomas was every young girl’s crush when he appeared on the 90’s sitcom “Home Improvement”. He also voiced the character “Simba” in the mega-successful “The Lion King” franchise. But instead of pursuing his acting career, he went off to get a formal education.


6. Nikki Blonsky gained popularity after appearing in the hit film “Hairspray”, but struggled to maintain that level of success. She now works as a cosmetologist.


7. Frankie Muniz, playing the eponymous character in the TV Show “Malcolm in the Middle”, was expected to rise up and become the next bankable star. Instead he completely he gave up on his acting career and pursued his dreams to become a racecar driver and a band member.


8. Hayden Christensen is widely known for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars series, but he felt that most of the praise and accolades came too easily for him, so he went home and built his own farm.


9. Vanilla Ice became an overnight success with his hit song “Ice Ice Baby”, but regretted many of the decisions that followed thereafter. Now he’s starring in minor roles in TV and film.


10. Of course who can forget Dylan Sprouse of the “Suite Life” fame? His brother Cole came back to the acting scene after graduating from college, but Dylan chose to turn his back on the entertainment industry and got a job at a brewery in New York instead.


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