Want to Bulk Up? Here Are The 10 Major Keys To Do It

Building weight is also as difficult as losing it so you have to prepare in these ways...


Usually when people ask for fitness advice it’s because they want to lose fat or they want to shed weight. But how about people who want to bulk up and gain some muscle? As a preliminary guideline, here are the 10 key steps to ensure that you can gain the muscular pounds that you need:

1. Count your calories. Determine how many calories you need during the day and eat according to your set goal. Read the Nutrition Facts off your food’s label so you know exactly how much you’re consuming.


2. Get your protein. If you wish to pack up a lot of muscle, this is the most crucial part. You need to get 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, from various sources such as chicken, beef, and fish.


3. Eat slow-digesting carbs like the ones listed below…


4. Increase meal frequency, from three meals a day to 6-7 smaller meals a day.


5. Dietary fat is necessary. You can get it from coconut oil, beef, fish, and dairy.


6. Don’t do cheat days, do cheat meals instead.


7. Bedtime snacks are an essential component to bulking up. Of course they have to be very healthy types of snacks, like fruits.


8. Here’s what you need to eat before and after a heavy workout:


9. As always, drink tons of water to replenish your bodily fluids:


10. Supplements are a great idea, but don’t forget to consult your doctor about it first:



H/T: fitnessmotivation.co

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