5 Simple Reasons Why You Have A Bloated Stomach


Ever wonder why sometimes you tend to experience a feeling of bloatedness even if you really didn’t eat a lot? That’s because there are factors other than eating too much food that can contribute to that phenomenon.

To preventĀ  bloated stomach in the future, we’d like you to take note of these five simple reasons.

1. You’re not drinking enough water.

Studies show that dehydration is the most common reason for stomach bloating. Your stomach needs enough fluid to be able to digest solid foods properly. If you’re feeling thirsty, always go for a glass of water!

2. You’re probably constipated.

Constipation doesn’t only leave your intestines in shambles – it also messes with the way your stomach breaks down food. Essentially a lot of food is being clogged up in your system. Take some medicine to fix your constipation issue.

3. Stress can also be a factor.

In general, the body doesn’t function well when it’s subjected to huge amounts of stress, whether physical or mental. If you feel like your body is tired all the time, or if you’re mentally exhausted, just relax, breathe a little bit. Take a hike somewhere or sleep for a bit.

4. You’re eating too much too fast.

Slow down, speedster! If you’re eating a lot of (especially unhealthy food) in large bites and quick successions you’re not giving your body time to process it inside your tiny stomach. Let your food rest in your mouth for a little while. Munch on it properly so it can be broken down way before it reaches the stomach.

5. Your diet consists of way too much carbs.

Not hating on carbohydrates because we do need carbs to provide us the energy for our day-to-day tasks, but there’s such a thing as too much carbs for your stomach. Beans, sugar, even broccoli could be at fault. If you’re really into high-energy food, try offsetting it by eating foods rich in fiber. Your best bet are fruits like apples and bananas.

(H/T: diply.com)

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