Your Birth Month Says Something About Your Work Ethic And Social Life

Want to know what being born in March may mean to your personality? Check out the full list!


Do you believe in the Zodiac Sign, that being a certain sign has a significant effect to you personalityIf that’s the case, then you should be pleased to know that being born a certain MONTH also tells something about your work ethic and your relationships with people. Want to find out what your month means? Read on below!

1. January

  • Strong work ethic
  • Never hesitate to share their opinions
  • Headstrong and can be potentially good leaders
  • Has persistence and drive to succeed
  • Not very good at listening to others

2. February

  • Has natural artistic tendencies
  • Has a liking for new and unique ideas
  • Loves talking about intelligent topics, but gets bored easily
  • Don’t really conform with society’s rigid rules
  • Loves to travel and dream big

3. March

  • Highly imaginative and creative, but can be introverted and shy
  • Don’t really warm up to social gatherings and would rather be alone
  • They keep their minds busy by thinking about their next creative move
  • Usually chooses a career in art
  • Likes to keep things to themselves but can express their feelings through the things they create

4. April

  • Constantly gets attention and loves getting it!
  • They are naturally put in the spotlight
  • Don’t like taking orders from others, would rather do things on their own
  • Adventurous and nature-loving
  • Trusts their intuitions strongly
  • Can be obnoxious and loud

5. May

  • They have strong communication skills, they don’t have problem expressing themselves
  • However, their decision-making skills are subpar
  • Highly social with an active social life
  • They’re afraid of spending too much time alone
  • They’re always on the lookout on ways to enjoy themselves

6. June

  • Very sensitive to other people’s feelings
  • Caring, shy and soft-spoken
  • Naturally far-sighted and think of things in the long term
  • As such, they make great teachers
  • Can bring the best out of people

7. July

  • Extroverted and spontaneous
  • Can be a bit dominating
  • Like June people, they are also caring and can be great friends
  • They love keeping other people’s secrets
  • Full of energy and passion

8. August

  • Are natural leaders
  • Could be a bit bossy and inconsiderate of other people’s opinions
  • Has a thick, coarse exterior, but actually has a kind heart underneath
  • Has a rigid set of principles and beliefs that they stand by
  • They always tend to have great careers

9. September

  • Sensitive and always hold people to a high regard
  • Can be a bit stubborn and can hold a lot of grudges
  • They have a particular strong memory that can rarely forget
  • Most of them are perfectionists
  • Are highly empathetic of other people’s pain and suffering

10. October

  • Crave stability and balance in life
  • Values family and friends among all else
  • Has a positive outlook
  • Usually tries to avoid confrontation
  • Charming and oozing with natural charisma

11. November

  • Naturally secretive to a fault
  • Usually keep their opinions and views to themselves
  • They’re doers rather than speakers, they let their actions speak for themselves
  • They are up for any challenge and are usually fearless
  • Can be passionate and stubborn in whatever it is that they do

12. December

  • Generous and adventurous
  • Has a strong sense of pride
  • Intelligent and wise but can be overcome by negative habits
  • They’re really easy to annoy that’s why they have temper issues
  • Has excessive energy and is usually funny


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