Here’s How Your Birth Month Will Affect Your Health!

What does your birth month tell you about your chances of getting sick? This study has some interesting results:


The results are in: the month you’re born into has some impact on your physical well-being!

This was the conclusion made by Spanish scientists who mapped 27 chronic diseases and the birth month of the people who experience them. And while we all know that correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but there’s still some truth to the findings that was recently published in the Medicina Clinica journal

“The month of birth may behave as an indicator of periods of early exposure to various factors, such as exposure to ultraviolet rays, vitamin D, temperature, seasonal exposure to viruses and allergies which may affect the development of the uterus and neonate in their first months of life.”, said the scientists of the University of Alicante. The study involved examining the data of 30,000 patients, which is definitely a huge enough sample if you have doubts about the veracity of the study.

Now, here’s what it means for you if you’re born into a particular month, depending if you’re male or female!

If you’re a guy, here are some of the results:

Lowest risk of back pain

Have greater chances to suffer from depression

Less likely to suffer from depression
Less likely to be diagnosed with pain of the lower back
Higher risk of osteoarthritis

Higher risk of asthma than those born at the start of the year

More likely to suffer thyroid problems
Least chance of being diagnosed of chronic problems

High risk of osteoarthritis
More likely to suffer from depression


If you’re a woman, here are some of the results:

Lower risk of migraine
Lesser chance to experience menopause issues
Higher chance of incontinence and high cholesterol

Least chance of being diagnosed of chronic problems

Less likely to suffer from menopausal problems


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