When An Officer Asked Him To Pull Over He Wasn’t Expecting This Big Revelation.


Want to surprise your significant other in the most unique way possible? Involve some cops and catch his reaction in an adorable prank video.

At least this is what happened when this dude was pulled over by this cop who was incidentally his friend he has not seen for awhile. Little did he know that the cop was his wife’s accomplice in what would be the guy’s surprise of a lifetime!

The cop proceeded to say that he pulled them over because there was a baby inside the car but there was no special child seat. Flustered and confused, the guy replied that there was no kid in the car, pointing to the obviously empty back seat.. And then the most important reveal in the guy’s life ensues…

Hopefully this video will give everyone an idea how to break special news to special people!

Police Help With Pregnancy Reveal

He wasn't expecting that when the police pulled him over… 😂👶

Posted by Pretty 52 on Thursday, May 4, 2017

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