Why Being Happy is the Greatest Gift You Can Give to Others



Do you want to make others happy? Of course you do. It’s innate in us as human beings. We want to make others feel good so that we will feel good in return. It’s the one thing that everyone is striving for in this life – it’s even written in the Constitution!

How do most people make others happy? Some do this by giving gifts. Others try to spend quality time with their friends and family. Still some use words to make other people curve up their lips into a smile.

But the secret to making others happy maybe not as complex as it sounds…

What if we told you that the best way to make others happy was to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY? It sounds silly, we know. But hear us out. The science is now officially in: Research shows that your happiness spreads to others and brings out the best in you.

Is it selfish? It probably is… But is it effective? Definitely! Not only is it backed by researched, there are also three reasons why being happy is the way to make other people happy:

1. Your happiness is contagious!

It’s true, you literally infect others. Your well-being has an enormously influential impact on everyone around you up to 3 degrees of separation away from you!  There’s research done by the great scientists in Harvard which confirms that if you’re happy, your bestfriend, her sister, and her hairdresser will also be happy, simply because you were!

2. Your happiness brings out the best in you.

When you’re happy, you become more productive and efficient in doing tasks and activities. You have better relationships with people, and have a clearer and calmer mind. It just elevates your life to a whole other level! And when you start achieving things and positioning yourself for success, then your happiness will even multiply.

3. You can influence others to be happy.

In society, we value those who always seem to be happy. Those who are carefree, always-jolly, light-hearted, high-spirited creatures of delight that have an immediate impact on others everytime they walk into a room, for example. They simply resonate an aura that people just gravitate to. And when people see that, they get inspired. They become uplifted and motivated to have that same feeling for themselves. So they strive to be happy too!

H/T: fulfillmentdaily.com

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