After Being Called “The Ugliest Girl In Her School”, This Student Put Her Bullies To Shame


This is Lynelle Cantwell. Lynelle recently blew up online because of a very serious but heartwarming story about bullying. See, she was a senior in her high school, and was about to graduate. Of course she was excited because to her it meant a momentary pause on all the bullying and teasing.

However, something very bad happened during the last few days of class.
Some boys from her Math class started this anonymous poll online, asking people “Who’s the ugliest girl in school?”

Lynelle, innocent and adorable as she is, landed in fourth place in that mean poll.

Some of her other friends made it on the list too.
While the other more popular girls were included on the “Prettiest Girls” list. This broke Lynelle’s heart. People pitted girls based on their looks, and this was obviously very bad.

Instead of lashing out or exacting revenge, she did something remarkable.
She wrote a Facebook post addressed “To The Person That Made The ‘Ugliest Girls In Grade 12 At HTH’ Ask.FM Straw Poll”. The post read as follows:

“I’m sorry that your life is so miserable that you have to try to bring others down…

…To The 12 People That Voted For Me To Bring Me To 4th Place,
I’m sorry for you, too. I’m sorry that you don’t get to know me as a person. I know that I’m not the prettiest thing to look at. I know I have a double chin and I fit in XL clothes. I know I don’t have the perfect smile or the perfect face. But I’m sorry for you. Not myself…

…I’m Sorry That You’ll Never Get The Chance To Know The Kind Of Person I Am.
I may not look okay on the outside, but I’m funny, nice, kind, down to earth, not judgmental, accepting, helpful, and I’m super easy to talk to…

…That’s The Same For Every Other Girl On That List That You All Put Down.
Just because we don’t look perfect on the outside, does not mean we are ugly. If that’s your idea of ugly, then I feel sorry for you.”

Her post was a smash hit and resonated with a lot of people.
Not only did she get viral attention, she also caught the eye of mainstream media. She was interviewed on a popular morning show in the US. As a cherry on top, she was given an all-expense paid trip to a leadership conference in Toronto!

Her story reminds us how people can be mean sometimes.
More importantly, Lynelle’s story of triumph against bullies is a reminder that there are more good people than bad in the world, and that as long as the good people come together to overcome evil, humanity wins!

Let Lynelle’s little triumph inspire you to denounce bullying at all costs.
Let us teach our children the value of being kind to one another, especially to those who aren’t fully appreciated by society. Our looks don’t tell everything. Being a good person is more important than just being beautiful.

Shine on, Lynelle!


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