People Are Taking Photos Of Their Beer In Front Of A View For No Reason

...other than because beer is always great with everything!


If you want to have a good time, you can never go wrong with beer. And that’s what people want to express in these cleverly photographed photos of stunning views but with a bottle or glass of beer on the foreground. It’s like the photographers are telling us, “Hey, we’re having a great time, and we’re looking at this great view, and guess what? We’re also drinking beer which is the most amazing combination of all time”. 

And that’s why people are taking these photos of their beer, with a view – it’s a simple celebration of life, fun, success, and leisure all in one perfectly angled shot. Without the beer, these photos were already awesome, but with it? They became bloody masterpieces!

Here are the top 10 “beer with a view” photos that we’ve compiled just for you:

1. Beer at Monaco GP

2. “15 hour layover in Honolulu, so why not surf and have a beer?”

3. “The Matterhorn & a cold Beer”

4. “Ensenada at 10k feet enjoying a top shelf domestic.”

5. “Beer… On the pond”

6. “Overlooking 72nd St Station – NYC”

7. “Mirror Pond Pale Ale” (Tip: there are two beer bottles in this photo)

8. Alaskan summer… Both the foreground and the background

9. “All roads lead to Beer! From the summit of Clachnaben, Scotland”

10. “Ha Long Bay In Vietnam”



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