How to Beat Bad Feelings Using Simple Techniques


As humans, we’re usually super bad at handling negative emotions. We try to suppress it, but to no avail. And we usually hold onto our grudges for so long, that it becomes toxic and unhealthy. It takes a couple of tries and a change in our habits to beat bad feelings and emotions as soon as possible. Try these simple activities that you can eventually turn into habits to get yourself distracted from sad and negative feelings!

If You’re Feeling Super Tired You Can…

1. Go outside, talk a walk to stretch your legs.
2. Chug some cold water.
3. Recharge with a 15-20 minute nap.
4. Refuel your body with a healthy snack. Go with grains and fruits!
5. Remind yourself that you’re awesome!

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed You Can Ask Yourself:

1. What’s the one thing that, if you completed it, would make the day a win?
2. What can you do step by step to achieve this single thing?
3. What is it that you should be doing right now? What are the things you should be focusing on?
4. Are you breathing? If so, then know that everything will be okay!
5. Do you remember how much awesome you are?!

If You’re Feeling Bad About Yourself, Ask Yourself:

1. Are you even judging yourself based on a relevant metric? Are you focused on what others are saying about you?
2. What bad things are you saying to yourself? How can you change this mindset around?
3. What would your most trusted bestfriend say? Call him or her.
4. Have you reminded yourself of your awesomeness?


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