Start Eating 3 Bananas A Day And These 10 Things Will Happen To You


Yes, we all know the vague idea that bananas are good for us – after all, they’re healthy fruit that we can find in nature, with no artificial preservatives added. But how, exactly, are bananas helping us to be healthy? Maybe reading these 10 specific reasons will help you eat bananas even more religiously!

1. You will feel your blood pressure go lower than normal.

And not just by a small amount – studies have shown that if you constantly eat bananas daily, your blood pressure will drop significant. That’s because of the rich potassium inside of each tasty banana!

2. Your body’s digestion will improve.

Fruits are loaded with fiber, and a banana is like a fiber gun. And you know what fibers are useful for – proper digestion. Not only will you feel full in a healthy way, you’ll also reduce the risk of getting constipated, and in the long run, you will help your digestive tract be healthier.

3. Your heart will feel better.

Diets rich in high fiber have been proven to lower the risk of heart-related diseases, especially cardiovascular ones and as well as coronary heart diseases. So it’s basically a double whammy for you – eat a banana and you’ll make yourself feel better today and in the long term.

4. Your body will produce healthier cells.

The word banana starts with letter B so it’s only fitting that it’s rich with Vitamin B6, which controls the production of insulin, hemoglobin and amino acids in the body. These chemicals in turn are responsible for the production of health cells that ward off diseases and infections.

5. Your gastrointenstinal tract will thank you.

You know that bananas are easy to digest, right? That’s why they don’t necessarily perturb our gastrointestinal tract, in fact, it restores it to its proper state, especially after we’ve eaten a lot of unhealthy food. This is why bananas are said to be a great cure for diarrhea, along with rice, applecause and dry toast.

6. You will be enriched with Vitamin C.

Oranges, mangoes, may have their greater share of Vitamin C but bananas come with it too. And you know how much we need Vitamin C – it’s the antioxidant responsible for killing harmful free radicals which destroy our body slowly. Vitamin C also aids in keeping blood vessels healthy and produces collagen that holds muscles, bones and other tissues together.

7. Your athletic performance will improve.

Bananas improve muscle elasticity and endurance that’s why athletes love eating bananas during practices and tournaments. Consuming half a banana is equivalent to drinking entire bottles of energy drinks!

8. Your risk for anemia decreases.

Anemia is a condition in humans where there is a distinct lack of red blood cells or of hemoglobin. Bananas are very rich in iron, which can stimulate the production of hemoglobin and in effect, red blood cells.

9. You will full all of the time.

Eating a banana is enough to make you feel full for hours on end, according to research. They’re densely packed with energy, that even their pleasant smell is enough to quell hunger pangs. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, by simply smelling bananas, your brain can be tricked into thinking that you are consuming them! This can also inadvertently help you lose a lot of weight.

10. Bananas can make you feel happier – literally.

A great state of mind is just a byproduct of the things we consume. A banana, because of its health benefits, can boost your mood, help you sleep better, and make you feel good about yourself. You’re less likely to be anxious, depressed, or irritable when you’ve had your fair share of banana.

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