13 Adorable Babies With Full-Grown Hairstyles


Most babies don’t really have a full head of hair when they’re still growing up in the formative years… Usually when you’re still a few months to two years old you don’t really develop thick hair that moms can shape the way they want to. It’s usually just some strands of hair here and there.

These babies however, are the exception to the rule. Not only are they blessed with adorable looks, they’ve also been blessed with full-grown hair at such a young age! And of course, they look dashing! Check them out for yourself!

1. The “I-Want-To-Be-A-Sailor” Look:

2. The “College Heartthrob” Cut:

3. The “Fall Out Boy” Do:

4. The “Ron Weasley In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix” Style:

5. The “Bradley Cooper in American Hustle” Look:

6. The “Spiky”:

7. The “Back to the Future” getup:

8. The “I Want To Be Thor In The Avengers” Look:

9. The “Fall Out Boy” Emo Style Version 2:

10. The “I Want To Be Guy Fieri” Starter Pack:

11. The “I Could Be A Member Of A British Boyband” Look:

12. The “I’m A Rad Girl” Cut:

(H/T: ntd.tv)

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