How To Make Yourself More Attractive, According To Science


We all have our specific reasons as to why we get attracted to other people, but in essence there are four main aspects why we find someone attractive at first glance. A lot of it has to do with visual attraction, but there are other key factors that people tend to neglect. If you know what these factors are, you will be able to make yourself more attractive by focusing on more than just the way you look. Read below to find out more!

1) What they see in your face

People love a beautiful face, and this should be obvious to anyone by now. It’s what we see when we interact with someone. It’s what we will have to gaze into everytime we want to get intimate with another person. That’s why a beautiful face always is a consideration. In particular, people always notice someone’s eyes and someone’s smile first.

2) What they see in your body

A great body sends a message to the more primal, instinctual parts of the human brain that it’s ready for reproduction and copulation, and that you will produce better-looking offspring in the process. Most people don’t realize, but this is actually what’s happening when we erotically gaze at another person’s physique. On top of that, a great body sends a message that you take care of your body and eat the right amount and type of food.

3) What they smell

Now this is the part that people tend to neglect. Many of us tend to be very visual in appreciating attractiveness in others, but it’s actually multi-faceted. A person’s attractiveness level can actually be heavily improved if they smell pleasant. Studies have shown that there is a huge correlation between what men deemed to be attractive and what men found pleasant to the nose. It goes to show that all senses play a vital role in making you look more attractive in front of others.

4) What they hear

This is another part that people don’t realize is important to someone’s complete sense of attractiveness. A person’s voice is essential to making someone attracted to another. Some people prefer a deeper voice, others prefer a lighter, gentler tone. For guys, they mostly prefer voices that are gentler and more feminine. Girls are usually turned on by huskier, deeper voices.


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