Artist Turns His Wife And Himself Into Hot Cartoon Characters To Tell A Story Of Love


Talented artist hailing from Tel Aviv, Yehuda Adi Devir, makes a living drawing day-to-day moments of his life together with wife Maya. He basically posts exaggerated, comic book-style versions of themselves doing different kinds of romantic couple stuff, ranging from taking selfies, to celebrating birthdays, to moving out.

You can really tell that Yehuda loves Maya so much in these photos and finds hilarity and sweetness in most of the things that they do together.

Doesn’t hurt that they look buff and hot in the cartoonized versions of themselves! Check the sample images we’ve compiled for you below. You can also check out Yehuda’s other amazing artwork at!

1. On taking selfies:

2. On giving hugs:

3. On appreciating each other’s body:

4. On preparing food:

5. On packing up:

6. On being romantic:

7. On having a proper party:

8. On exercising:

9. On keeping your girl warm:

10. On taking hot showers together:

11. On accidentally touching other people in public:

12. On getting ready:

13. On going somewhere after getting married:

14. On sleeping together:

15. On watching the movie “Logan”, starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine:

16. On asking her hand in marriage:

17. On being an insomniac:

18. On waxing your hair off:

19. On hilarious but safe pranks:

20. On switching clothes for once:

21. On killing cockroaches in the house:

22. On greeting him a happy birthday:

23. When you need woman intelligence to do stuff:

24. On hating winter:

25. When you have different religions:

26. On being insecure at the beach:

27. On being tied to the bed in the morning:

28. When you have different religions, part 2:

29. On when you just saw a movie:

30. On preparing for the outside weather:

31. On sleeping in the bus:

32. On greeting each other on special days:

33. On beating each other up in a wrestling-style fight:

34. On being jealous:


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