These 6 Pictures Show Animals Capable Of Being Happy


A lot of research has shown that animals are capable of feeling certain human-like emotions, and that they are also able to display these emotions too. You can read up on those research studies, or you can also take a look at these photos that will serve as a definitive proof that animals indeed are capable of being happy! Enjoy!

1. Disclaimer: the pig is actually not a real life pig, although it is quite happy. It’s just a statue, that’s why the frog is sitting quite comfortable around its mouth:

2. This dog’s happiness is way too much, it’s infectious:

3. These two horses are obviously content about living their lives out as horses:

4. This is actually the first time ever that a monkey took a real selfie of himself:

5. This monkey didn’t need to take his own selfie to prove that he is definitely happy:

6. His face may not look like it, but that’s just because pugs are naturally sad-looking. But curling up in a blanket? This is the pug’s most joyous hour:


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