This 95-Year-Old Looks Great For His Age And This Is His Secret


This is Kazım Gürbüz and his wife. Kazım is a 95-year-old yogi. He seems too young to be 95, right? Well, he claims that he has uncovered the secret to living up to 130 years!

Of course you’d be hard-pressed not to believe him, he has maintained his youthful appearance and exuberance at the age of 95!

His secret in keeping his body in incredible shape is fairly sensible: he exercised a lot, kept his body flexible (as most yoga practitioners do) and eat what he considers to be “superfood”: honey, olives, red pepper and fresh fruits.

This is him at a younger time in his life, doing his near-impossible yoga moves:

Recently, Kazım has become a topic of controversy after he claimed that he still has an active sex life at his ripe age of 95.

“I am the same as when I was 25-30 years old. They challenged me to prove it in Europe, so I did,” Yogi Kazım said.

Aside from that he claims to have recovered from a bodily injury when he was 40 years old by reincarnation. ‘I conducted 63 different experiments on myself,’ Kazim claims. ‘I was born again. Nine months after the experiment, I began to walk.’


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