9 Times Emma Watson Became the Embodiment of Perfection


There is no denying that Emma Watson has taken the world by storm. After her success in Harry Potter as the intelligent-yet-snobby Hermione, she is now taking on one the most classic characters ever made – Belle from Beauty and the Beast. To celebrate her unstoppable success, let us take a look back at the 9 different times Emma Watson literally became perfection personified:

1. Emma can go simple…


2. …and she can also go chic!


3. Red lipstick looks amazing on her…


4. …but just a smile is enough, really!


5. That stare will launch a thousand ships, for sure…


6. Emma can go totally high class on you…


7. …but she can also dress up perfectly for a random picnic!


8. In short, Emma Watson is perfection.


9. Queen.


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