8 Solutions You Might Try If You Can’t Sleep



Do you have trouble sleeping? A lot of people do, and it’s a pretty hard problem. With the lack of sleep, you wake up in the morning with less energy, making you unproductive throughout the day. The truth? Sleeping problems are a bit manageable, but only if you apply some techniques. Here are 8 solutions you can try if you want to sleep soundly at night:

1. Pick one thing to focus on.

One of the main reasons why people can’t sleep is that they become fidgety thinking about many different things going on in their lives. To prevent that kind of mentality, you need to exert all your effort to just fixate on one thing. You can focus on your breath, or focus on an item in your room, or focus on imagining sheep. Removing those unwanted thoughts in your brain will help you calm down and sleep faster.

2. Pretend that you are tired.

Tricking your brain that you need to sleep always works. Start by making your eyes droop away, or just making yourself sinking onto your bed.

3. Read something.

And I don’t mean picking up your phone to read something from the web or an app. Pick up an actual book and read something from it until you can doze off. It works for a lot of people and will certainly work for you too.

4. Listen to music.

There are tons of soothing music you can find on Spotify that will help clear your mind and prepare you for a peaceful slumber. There are also a lot of playlists that incorporate nature sounds, if that’s something you prefer.

5. Listen to white noise or a meditation app.

Sometimes people can’t sleep because the silence is just too creepy and too unbearable for them. Maybe listening to white noise can offset that silence and put you into a calmer state. Breathing apps like Headspace can also help you meditate and focus on your breathing.

6. Stretch.

You can do stretching without actually having to stand up. You can put your legs up against the wall or do some alternating leg and arm movements just to relieve your body of any tension.

7. Drink something hot.

A glass of milk and honey is not only delicious but also proven to make you doze off almost immediately. If coffee is something you’d like to drink, go with decaf. Tea can also warm your body up for resting.

8. Watch a good movie.

It’s not the best idea, but it works for a lot of people. Just put on something boring or something you’ve already watched before and stare on the screen until you doze off.

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