7 Insane Photos Of Hammocks In The Sky That Are Scary And Exhilarating!

Some people can get kind of crazy when it comes to adventure-seeking. They’ll do things simply for the thrill of it, even if it seems a bit… life-threatening.

For example, people are flocking over to this place called “Hammock in the Sky”. It’s literally what it says it is – a dozen hammocks strewn across a zip line, and people can get on them, admittedly to have a good time. And you won’t believe how crazily scary it is. Look at the photos yourself:

1. This guy is just chilling while literally floating a hundred yards from the ground:


2. And it’s not just one person, it’s a whole group doing this insane thing!


3. You can even form a band and play music with some of the other people in the hammocks!


4. A hammock inside a larger hammock? Dangerous, but not too dangerous to stop them from doing it:




6. These two are much more sane about the entire thing though:


7. Holy crap there’s an entire zip line full of floating hammocks in the sky!


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