7 Classic Images That Changed Sports Forever


Photos greatly shape how history is made, and the same thing can be said for sports history. They are markers that will immediately help us reminisce the actual moment where a particular winning shot happened, or when a boxing jab heard all over the world occurred.

There are plenty of these classic sports images all throughout history. We’ve collected 7 of them for you. Enjoy!

1. Briton Eric Liddell, an amateur-turned-athlete-turned-preacher, wins the 400m gold medal at the Paris Olympic Games in 1924


2. Muhammad Ali, also known as the greatest boxer to have ever lived, knocked down reigning world champion George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle.


3. Ayrton Senna in his McLaren, winning the Formula One championship in 1991


4. Argentina wins the world cup 2:1 over England in a controversial fashion


5. Michael Jordan scored 63 points against the greatest defensive team of all time, the Larry Bird-led Boston Celtics


6. Seabiscuit, possibly the most famous horse in history, wins over the War Admiral


7. The USA 1992 Olympic Basketball Team, popularly known as the “Dream Team”



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