56 Lists You Can Write Down To Cheer Yourself Up!


Feeling down lately? Sometimes the struggles of daily life can get to us that even the most stable of human beings just need to lie down and take a break. To some, that means focusing on the future and on the more positive side of life. What better way to do that than making lists? Not only is it fun and relaxing, it gives you something to look forward to! Here are some lists you can make when you’re feeling sad and gloomy:

List All Your Dreams!

1. Life goals
2. Countries you would like to visit
3. Things you would like to do
4. Stories you would like to write about
5. Adventures you would like to live
6. Dreams for the future
7. Where you would like to live
8. What you will be doing in the next few years
9. Things you would like to get
10. Skills you would like to learn
11. Wish lists

List Your Favorite Things

1. Favorite songs
2. Funniest jokes
3. Favorite movies
4. Favorite TV shows
5. Favorite books
6. Favorite places
7. Favorite food
8. Favorite restaurants
9. Favorite parks in town
10. Favorite quotes
11. Favorite podcasts

Make a List about People in Your Life!

1. People you love
2. People loving you
3. How you met your favorite people
4. People you would like to meet
5. What you like to do with your friends
6. What you like to do with your family
7. People you would like to reconnect with
8. Things you would like to do with your friends and family
9. People who inspire you
10. Every friend you ever made
11. People who have positively influenced you
12. Gift ideas for your favorite people
13. Everything you love about your partner
14. People you want to send a thank you note to
15. Date night ideas

List Stuff About You!

1. Favorite memories
2. Your best qualities
3. Best days you’ve lived
4. Compliments you’ve received
5. What you like most about yourself
6. Your most precious possessions
7. Bucket list of things to do
8. Things that make you happy.
9. Positive adjectives to describe yourself
10. Your values
11. Favorite ways to relax
12. Fun things to do at home

List What You’ve Accomplished So Far

1. Things that you are grateful for
2. Things you are proud of
3. The scariest things you’ve done
4. Dreams that become reality
5. Biggest accomplishments
6. Ways to celebrate your wins
7. All the things you are good at

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