5 Psychology Facts That Will Help You Understand People Better

People are creatures of habit, and our reactions to situations can be quite predictable.


People are creatures of habit. Our responses to situations and other people can be quite predictable. Psychologists have done countless research on this, and here are the five basic psychological truths about human behavior that you need to learn so that you will stop becoming disappointed in others:

1. People don’t care about you as much. Have an embarrassing moment in your life? Or do you think you’ve just suffered the most humiliating failure? Turns out, people don’t think about your failures and losses as much as you do… So chill out, let the matter rest, and try again.


2. We are constantly changing as human beings. There are studies that say that all of the cells in our body are changed and completely replaced every 2 to 3 years. So who you are two years ago is literally completely different from who you are today. Your environment and your experiences will constantly mold and shape you.


3. Comparing yourself with others is not worth it. We all have different struggles to go through, different journeys to discover. Comparing your journey with other people is not just counterproductive, but destructive. If you have to compare yourself with someone, make it the person that you were in the past.


4. Don’t assume that people will listen to advice. We like dishing out advice, but dislike taking it. That’s just how human nature works. So when people don’t listen to you when you’re trying to help them, don’t take it personally. People just like doing what they want to do.


5. You cannot control circumstances in your life, but you can control how to react to them. A sad situation will make you sad, but how sad will it make you? Your world is simply a product of your reactions to various stimuli. So start thinking about how you react to things.


H/T: lifehack.org

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