37 Fun Things To Do With Your Best Friend



Running out of things to do with your best buddy, your closest friend, your confidant / partner-in-crime? I’m sure you’re not, and I’m sure even a lazy afternoon watching TV is your idea of a perfect time with them, but it won’t hurt if you tried to check off this bucket-list one at a time!

Here are some insane and cool things you can do with your best friend!

1. Throw a surprise party for one another.
2. Take an epic road trip.
3. Give each other makeovers.
4. Read the same book together.
5. Try an extreme sport.
6. Pull an all-nighter together.
7. Cook a fancy dinner.
8. See an embarrassingly sexy movie.
9. Marathon a TV series.
10. Volunteer together.
11. Plan out next month’s activities
12. Talk in different accents for a day.
13. Go out wearing coordinating outfits.
14. See your favorite musician in concert.
15. Learn a language together
16. Go gambling for the giggles!
17. Create special playlists for each other
18. Get manicures!
19. Get matching tattoos!
20. Go on a booze cruise
21. Swap identities for a day.
22. Take a beauty or fashion risk together.
23. Spend a whole day shopping.
24. Make a time capsule.
25. Carve your initials into a tree.
26. Travel abroad together.
27. Go to Mardi Gras
28. Visit a Disney park
29. Go on a camping trip
30. Go on a spa day.
31. Try a new DIY or craft
32. Take underwater pictures.
33. Play hide-and-seek in a big store.
34. Sing at the top of your lungs together!
35. Prank call friends
36. Watch people at a park!
37. Spend a holiday with each other’s families.


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