31 Simple Ways to Challenge Yourself Every Single Day


Want to make your day more exciting and less boring? What you need are some simple “challenges” that you can do on your spare time. Nothing too time-consuming or energy-wasting – just fun activities that will not only make the day ten times better, but will also improve you as a person!

Here are 31 challenges you can try out for when you’re bored or have nothing better to do:

1. Write in a journal.

2. Get over one fear.

3. Cook one meal daily.

4. Do a crossword puzzle.

5. Exercise your body.

6. Use your opposite hand.

7. Put down your phone and observe the world around you.

8. Answer questions honestly.

9. Balance on something for increased mind-body performance.

10. Take a picture everyday.

11. Have a conversation IRL instead of texting.

12. Take the stairs.

13. Push yourself harder.

14. Turn off the TV.

15. Quit a bad habit.

16. Give yourself an honest compliment.

17. Listen to the news in a different language.

18. Set a daily goal.

19. Play a board game with friends.

20. Do things by hand.

21. Make eye contact while walking on the street.

22. Tackle chores.

23. Give someone you know an honest compliment.

24. Play an instrument, or learn how to play one!

25. Talk with a stranger or a person you’ve never met.

26. Meditate for longer than 10 minutes.

27. Study something you’re interested in.

28. Don’t complain, just for fun!

29. Read a book, especially something you’ve been meaning to read for some time.

30. Draw a random picture of a scenery.

31. Smile even if you’re not feeling it!

(H/T: pinterest.com)

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