3 Short and Free Workout Tutorials That’s Actually Proven To Work!


There are tons of workout videos out there that purportedly help you to lose weight but they’re either very time-consuming, or uses a lot of expensive equipment. If you’re still starting out on your journey to weight loss and want to keep it nice and simple, Peter Carvell has three very short and concise workout videos that you can learn quickly.

The best part? Many people have been raving about them and how effective they are! Check them out below and test out Peter’s routines, especially those that fit your weight loss goals:

1. For those who are looking to shed their belly fats fast, this one’s for you

This one is a hybrid workout centered around burning fats using four intensive exercises. What’s great is you don’t need any equipment for this routine (unless you think exercise mats are essential). It takes about 10 minutes too – perfect for those who want to stay slim but also have busy schedules.

2. Are you looking to shape and tone your upper body? This workout will help you achieve that.

This workout consists mainly of push-ups, designed to add more definition to your shoulders, your abs, as well as your chest. The video demonstrates four variations of push-ups, with one variation using a dumb bell. These exercises can definitely be done at home.

3. Wanting to get 6-pack abs for the longest time? Try this routine!

Peter Carvell unleashes his latest belly fat destroyer workout techniques, all of which can be done within 12 minutes. You will need dumb bells for this one so that you can perform three versions of “Gorilla Swings” and “Full Body Dumbbell Skiers”. They’ve been proven to be super effective, so you will want to check this video out.

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