26 Greatest Photos In 2017 That Show The Beauty Of The World


The 2017 Sony World Photography Awards have compiled some of the most awe-inspiring and magnificent photos in the past year. These photos almost always depict the world we live in in fresh and inventive ways. From nature photos to shots of wildlife, to travel, architecture, and many more, these photos are otherworldly both in quality and in uniqueness. These 26 photos, handpicked by Sony, have been proven to show the beauty of the world:

1. Here are some of the most beautiful photos depicting nature and the natural world in 2017, from the snowy forests of Japan to the barren desserts of Germany:

Masayasu Sakuma, Japan (worldphoto.org)

Francesco Russo, Italy (worldphoto.org)

Maximilian Conrad, Germany (worldphoto.org)

Tom Jacobi, Germany (worldphoto.org)

Ami Vitale, United States (worldphoto.org)

Hiroshi Tanita, Japan (worldphoto.org)

Sorin Rechitan, Romania (worldphoto.org)

2. Of course, some of the best subjects for photography are animals, whether on water, land or air. In 2017, these breathtaking photos of fish, birds and various wildlife were submitted to the competition:Christian Vizl, Mexico (worldphoto.org)

Meniconzi Alessandra, Switzerland (worldphoto.org)

Andreas Hemb, Sweden (worldphoto.org)

Nigel Hodson, United Kingdom (worldphoto.org)

Eugene Kitsios, Netherelands (worldphoto.org)

Eugene Kitsios, Netherlands (worldphoto.org)

Fan Chen, China (worldphoto.org)

Stacy Anguiano Cain, United States (worldphoto.org)

3. Travelers often times tend to be incredible photographers and this year an embarrassment of riches was submitted to the competition. Here were the travel photos that were deemed the best:

Rob Wilson, Canada (worldphoto.org)

Zhu Jianxing, China (worldphoto.org)

Achim Thomae, Germany (worldphoto.org)

4. Human beings are still the most fascinating subject for photography, simply because of the limitless possibilities. Here were the very best portraitures, candid shots, street photography, and sports photos submitted to Sony:Luo Pin Xi, China (worldphoto.org)

Dina Alfasi, Israel (worldphoto.org)

Alexander Vinogradov, Russia (worldphoto.org)

George Mayer, Russia (worldphoto.org)

Pier Mane, Italy (worldphoto.org)

5. Architecture is also a very special category in this competition. Take a look at some of the great photographic compositions done this year:
Barry Tweed-Rycroft, United Kingdom (worldphoto.org)

Lester Koh Meng Hua, Singapore (worldphoto.org)

Lars Sivars, Sweden (worldphoto.org)

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