21 Then And Now Cartoons Will Show You How Times Have Changed


Man, a lot of things have changed in the 21st century. Some of these changes could be attributed to the fast pace of technological advancement; other changes could be attribute to changing cultures and transitioning of social values. These 21 photos brilliantly depict how times have changed for most of us:

1. Teaching then vs. teaching now:

2. Receiving letters then vs. receiving letters now:

3. Entertainment then and now:

4. They obviously handled things differently backed in the dark ages:

5. Your priorities change as you grow old:

6. Looks like the guy ate the TV after 20 years:

7. Technology then vs. technology now:


8. Yesterday’s technological marvel vs. today’s technological masterpiece:


9. Communication then vs. communication now:


10. Or more technically, before Google vs. after Google:


11. Smartphones have made us a little less creative, I suppose:


12. A story of how nostalgia has completely taken over our lives:


13. Gaming then vs. gaming now:


14. Or: how climate change has impacted peoples lives today


15. Philosophy then vs. philosophy now:


16. We’re slowly wearing our pants too low:


17. Christmas gifts then vs. Christmas gifts now:


18. Exercise then vs. exercise now:


19. Our excitement for McDonald’s tends to decline over time:


20. Sharing then vs. sharing now:


21. Celebrations then vs. celebrations now:


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