21 Superb Photos About Travelling That Will Give You The Itch To Travel


Every year, National Geographic holds a Traveler Photo Contestshowcasing the best of both photography and travelling in the entire world. In 2015, 21 photos in particular amazed and enthralled judges and have been considered to be a perfect representation of what “travelling around the world” means. Here they are:

1. This soon-to-be-classic photo of an Afghan Girl: (Sanghamitra Sarkar) 

2. Serenity in the water…
(Alex St. Jean)

3. A humpback whale surfacing for air (Dave Howells)

4. Youths from a tribe in Africa, proud of their heritage… (Tariq Zaidi)

5. A cave that looks like a wave frozen in time…
(Shane Wheel)

6. Rare rhinos in the wild… (Stefane Berube)

7. A beautiful Indian girl celebrating her culture: (Aashit Desai)

8. An elephant and a human being, co-existing: (Mike Korostelev)

9. The most photogenic frog couple in like ever: (Ajar Setiadi)

10. This kid has all the tools he needs to live an adventurous life in the Sahara: (Ali Al Zaidi)

11. This snake with a pointy nose, poised to strike (Angad Achappa)

12. A great iceberg (Anne Greenwood)

13. This dude is trying to catch a huge wave: (Chris Schmid)

14. A beautiful time lapse of a falls: (Ed Graham)

15. This old man keeping the spirit of his culture alive: (Abrar Mohsin)

16. A lion caught in a moment of anger and rage: (Hamish Mitchell)

17. Beautiful lighting on this photo: (Zoe Fidji)

18. The tallest wave ever, perfectly captured: (Lee Scott)

19. Starry nights and beautiful rock formations: (Manish Mamtani)

20. Perfect symmetry and composition: (Shivaa Shukla)

21. Camels in a desert:(Naser Alomari)

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