17 People Who Photoshopped Their Bodies So Badly It Becomes Too Hilarious

In the modern world it’s considered acceptable to touch up on your photos to make you look more attractive, but only to a certain extent. Filters are all fair play, and so are body angles – but some people have taken their selfie game way too far and have begun using Photoshop to, you know, fool others. Here’s 17 photos of what we’re trying to say:

1. This girl right here has the right curves! And oh, the door has the right curves, too:


2. The caption says it all, I suppose…


3. If you’re going to use Photoshop at least make your body parts proportional to each other…


4. You know what, I have no problem with this. This is just a young boy trying to achieve his confidence:


5. John Cena has improved his Photoshopping game ever since then:


6. You will never guess how many people were photoshopped in at first glance:


7. Those are not muscles, those are just woobly bits of sand:


8. Girl you ain’t foolin’ nobody:


9. In the process of making yourself look hot, don’t let your friend become pregnant also:


10. In mother Russia, is this even a fail or a win? We don’t know:


11. Will somebody please this man that those muscles are inherently abnormal looking to begin with?!


12. This is a pretty nice photoshop not gonna lie but photoshopped nonetheless:


13. Kim Kardashian had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the Kardashians that she had to resort to this life:


14. Would you really like to have arms such as those bro?


15. Either those are real abs or husband has paid for the rectangle nail surgery:


16. If you’re gonna edit your photos at least be consistent about it:


17. She could warp time and space with DAT ASS!


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